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Topics & Sessions

How CSR has emerged as a business approach for addressing the social and Environmental impact of company activities

  • How CSR Culture can be created
  • Measuring CSR Effectiveness
  • CSR’s potential and limitations for contributing towards wider societal challenges

    Key areas of CSR policies where oil and gas companies are expected to make a positive contribution: improvements in environmental performance, developmentand governance

    Effective CSR requirements, scope of work, and practical implementation, in accordance with the company’s responsibilities.

    Legislative and regulatory pressures from governments and regulators

    Corporate governance and robust ethical conduct and assurance mechanisms

    Health, safety and welfare of the workforce including contractors

    Care of the environment with particular emphasis on reducing global warming/climate change impacts

    Supply chain management, particularly in the developing world

    Increasing activist/NGO pressures in an increasingly ‘think global, act local’ Environment

    Sustainable community development and relationships in areas of acute poverty, corruption, and lack of revenue transparency

    Social business and social entrepreneurship

    Responsible supply chain management in MENA region

    Responsible leadership and people management - What does Responsible Leadership mean in Business Practice?

    CSR-Measurement and Reporting using Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

    CSR - The business / energy case

  • How to obtain management buy in for CSR activities
  • Communication and strategies of CSR

    Legitimation and significance of CSR for companies and communities

    Responsible supply chain management in MENA region

  • Role of UN/NGO’s in promoting CSR
  • Regional CSR networking groups and their activities/achievements
  • Organizers


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    Outstanding keynote speakers, insightful approaches to concepts and theories related to Corporate Social Responsibility and a phenomenal platform for panelists from the business world, trade unions, international organisations, civil society, government and academia to network and share the latest CSR trends. That’s what this edition of BICSR is all about!!

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